A community of people

Finding Meaning & Mission in Following Jesus

The chapel will be open on Sundays from 10.30 - 11.30 am for people to come and sit for a few moments and pray. Communion elements will be available. Please enter from the front door and exit via the side door.

At this stage, due to virus restrictions the number of people at any one time will be limited to ten.

Tea and coffee will be available in the courtyard or hall depending on the weather, but please keep in mind that we are limited to ten people on the property.

Join us online!

There are lots of great ways that you can stay connected and encouraged in smaller groups.

Consider joining in a smaller group to watch our weekly video, released here every Sunday morning.

We encourage you to consider inviting a few people to your home to either watch the Sunday video, have your own service, or share communion together on Sunday, or any other day.

Please be encouraged to minister to one another through reading the Bible together and/or praying together in your homes or making use of the church buildings throughout the week.

There are opportunities to meet in smaller groups under the current restrictions.

Smaller groups are gathering throughout the week and on Sundays.

Please contact Phil 0447979240 for more information.

As a priesthood of all believers let's make the most of the opportunities to meet together and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus face to face.

Making the most of every opportunity, and finding new and creative ways,

to reach, teach and equip people to know, love and serve Jesus